SEALID® All-in-1

SEALID® All-in-1 is a patented innovation and the first to protect against corrosion as well as mechanical loads in a single step, without the need for any primers or other devices. Whether an entire pipeline, pipe section, T-piece or pipe bend: SEALID® All-in-1 is the universal solution.

Wrap once. All done. The SEALID® All-in-1 principle.

SEALID® All-in-1 protects against corrosion as well as mechanical loads – with just one product in just one wrapping process. Without the need for time-consuming primers.

Your benefits at a glance – Benefit from SEALID®


  • Just 1 product
  • Application by hand
  • Error-tolerant


  • Fewer steps    
  • Less material
  • No handling of hazardous substances


  • No primer 
  • No additional products and devices
  • Just 1 wrap

Environmentally friendly

  • No hazardous substances   
  • No health risks
  • Less waste

The video compares SEALID® to other methods.

What SEALID® All-in-1 can do

SEALID® All-in-1 – the performance

SEALID® All-in-1 is manufactured in several layers using genuine co-extrusion technology. When wrapped in a spiral pattern, the tape, coated with the SEALID® compound on both sides, creates a completely closed protective hose with exceptional durability and resistance. Impermeable to water vapour, oxygen, soil bacteria and soil electrolytes, the protective hose achieves a minimised cathodic disbondment together with an outstanding peel and lap shear strength.

SEALID® All-in-1 – the result

  • Corrosion & mechanical protection
  • For temperatures up to +70°C / +158°F
  • Primer-free
  • Fulfils ISO 21809-3 (12A-2)
  • Fulfils EN 12068 and DIN 30672 (C50)

See the SEALID® All-in-1 in use.

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