The high-performance FORTIDE® coatings as a liquid two-component epoxy-based system provide exceptional corrosion protection.

Designed for a wide range of applications, they are the perfect solution for tough conditions: for standard applications, high temperatures, wet surfaces as well as outstanding chemical resistance. They are all free from volatile solvents and isocyanates. And they are easy to apply to surfaces on site as a brush or spray coating.

An overview of the four FORTIDE® epoxy systems:

The range of FORTIDE® Epoxy coating products we supply at Ventas include:

FORTIDE®-WS for wet surfaces

FORTIDE®-WS is a two-component epoxy coating for corrosion protection on pipelines in use on wet surfaces.

FORTIDE®-WS provides durable corrosion protection for pipelines covered with a condensate film. The pipelines can be under load during the application of FORTIDE®-WS and the coating can be applied directly to the wet surface. This eliminates the need for time-consuming pipeline shutdowns and long waiting times, which significantly reduces costs.

FORTIDE®-ST for standard applications

Two-component epoxy coating with a huge range of applications for the corrosion protection of pipelines at operating temperatures of up to +95 °C (+203 °F).

FORTIDE®-ST is a thick film epoxy coating for permanent corrosion protection on pipelines. It impresses with outstanding hardness while also providing good abrasion resistance. The isocyanate- and solvent-free system ensures compliance with the most stringent environmental and health and safety requirements. The combination of exceptional resistance against cathodic disbondment and extraordinary indentation strength creates a long-lasting coating.

FORTIDE®-TL for tank lining

Two-component epoxy internal coating with chemical and water resistance for tank and pipeline systems.

FORTIDE®-TL is an epoxy internal coating whose outstanding chemical and water resistance has been specially designed for tank and pipeline systems. Aggressive chemicals that are transported in the systems attack the steel surface. FORTIDE®-TL is the perfect solution for protecting these surfaces from corrosion: The internal tank coating ensures reliable corrosion protection thanks to its comprehensive chemical resistance, e.g. against crude oil, various hydrocarbons, process and waste water as well as acids, lyes and brines.

FORTIDE®-HT for high temperatures

Two-component epoxy coating for the corrosion protection of pipelines at maximum operating temperatures of up to +150 °C (+302 °F).

FORTIDE®-HT is a durable corrosion protection system for pipelines that has been specifically designed for use in high temperature ranges. It impresses with outstanding hardness while also providing good abrasion resistance. The exceptional temperature resistance of the epoxy coating provides excellent resistance against cathodic disbondment while its outstanding indentation strength ensures long-lasting corrosion protection.

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