Above Ground and Buried Pipelines

Sealing Solutions for Maximum Safety

Within construction, steel pipes must be coated with a corrosion prevention system, which either takes place at the factory or on the construction site.

Alongside a simple application process, factors such as a long service life and, in particular, reliable protection against corrosion and mechanical loads are key for these systems.

The rehabilitation of pipeline coating on complete pipelines or sections of pipeline takes place while the pipe is in operation, so the pipe can’t be taken out of service. This is an exercise that can prove costly, so it’s a situation that most companies and industries want to avoid at all costs.

Due to the risk of explosion, only cold-processed corrosion prevention systems can be used in these applications. This limits the number of products and solutions you can apply to the rehabilitation of coatings on pipelines, whether they’re complete pipelines or even sections of pipework.

To put the pipeline back into full operation quickly, and with minimal disruption to people’s lives, the process for applying the product must be rapid and simple. Most importantly however, the application needs to be safe.

That’s where Ventas step in, we are a leading, worldwide pipe coating company with a range of above ground and underground pipeline coating services, products, and systems.


This is a single-tape system for the corrosion prevention pipeline coating of metal pipes and pipelines in accordance with DIN 30672, EN 12068, ASTM and AWWA. These are corrosion prevention systems that have been proven for decades for high mechanical and corrosive stresses.

Benefits of this product include, but are not limited to:
• Real co-extruded three-ply tape.
• Easy application thanks to adaptable and highly tear-resistant carrier film of the product.
• DIN-DVGW approved system: C 50 (EN 12068, DIN 30672)
• Compatible with factory coatings made of PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE and bitumen.
• Can be used for temperatures up to +85°C (+185°F).


Butylen AS50 is a single-tape system for the corrosion prevention coating of metal pipes and pipelines in accordance with DIN 30672, EN 12068, ASTM and AWWA.

This particularly product is quality of the highest standards, and is primarily for use remedying extreme corrosion conditions and mechanical stresses.

Some of the key benefits of AS50 include:

  • Ideal for operating temperatures up to +50°C (+122° F)
  • Compatible with factory coatings made of PE, PP, FBE, PU and bitumen.
  • DIN-DVGW approved system: B 50 (EN 12068, DIN 30672).
  • Fulfils class B 50 in accordance with EN 12068, even after just one layer with an overlap of 50%.
  • Highly cost-effective and simple to use with easy application and quick results, considering the cost.


LIQUITOL®-FK2 is for use in the construction phase, so this would be at the factory or on site.

This product is to be used a spray coating and is extremely reliable and quick to apply. It’s a solvent-free solution, and LIQUITOL®-FK2 can be applied in the factory or on the construction site during restoration work or in new installations.

The product’s exceptional toughness combined with just the right amount of stretch provide optimum resistance to mechanical and corrosive loads at operating temperatures up to +80°C (+176°F).

This makes it a fantastic solution for above ground or buried pipework.


lastelen®-PF Mastic works hard to protect flanges on the construction site.

PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic is ideal for pipeline construction and in power station and pipeline station construction due to it’s high quality, powerful corrosion preventative qualities.

The innovative and incredibly advanced formula of PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic, used in conjunction with any PLASTELEN® petrolatum tape, makes maintenance much easier than any of its counterparts in the industry.

Together, they form a high-quality corrosion prevention system on fittings and flange connections of all sizes. Whether it’s used in gas stations in Israel or on fire extinguishing lines in Peru, PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic reliably fulfils all requirements and can be used in a vast array of different situations and sites.