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Ventas are sealing specialists and corrosion prevention experts with years of experience and a vast knowledge of the products we provide.

We supply our customers with a wide array of innovative and industry-proven products, all of which have been designed and manufactured to the highest of standards.

We supply our customers with a wide array of innovative and industry-proven products, all of which have been designed and manufactured to the highest of standards.

As the authorised UK agent, our solutions come from DEKOTEC. For almost a century, DEKOTEC GmbH has built its reputation on high-quality and forward-thinking solutions for sealing technology and corrosion prevention. DEKOTEC products reliably protect road construction, buildings, pipelines and station construction long-term. The company has developed into an international group of companies, with branches in six European countries and sales partners in over 100 countries worldwide. The group is market leader in key Central European markets and is intensifying its dynamic growth in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Ventas About Us

World Leading Corrosion Prevention and Sealing Systems

Coming in high regard, DEKOTEC as the inventor of the Petrolatum-Tape (PLASTELEN®-Tape), the world’s first reliable passive corrosion prevention solution for pipes and pipelines and over the coming decades, the name becomes a generic synonym for all types of corrosion prevention tapes. DEKOTEC corrosion solutions and sealing products have been leading the industry for decades now. It’s for this reason that they are so successfully utilised across the world for a wide range of purposes. Used to protect weld seams in pipelines, joints, asphalt, and concrete, with many more applications, DEKOTEC are world-leading and the best in their class.

That’s why supply these products at Ventas, as part of our mission to provide the best and most innovative corrosion solutions and sealing systems to our customers around the world.

Sealing Protective Walls

Sealing Asphalt and Concrete

Oil Rig and Harbour Protection

Repair of Roads and Runways

Above Ground and Buried

Corrosion Prevention and Sealing Specialists

We have a passion for the sealing products and solutions we have available at Ventas, so we stock all of the most durable and simple to apply products and supplies.

These include products from world-leading brands such as:






All of these products and systems are of the highest quality and standard in the industry, and are known around the world. Each system is exceptional in its own class, as well as being quick and easy to apply. Protecting asset integrity at all costs, each of the sealing and corrosion products you’ll find on our website has been designed with quality, the customer, and the job at hand in mind.

This means you get the most professional, durable, and effective solutions for your corrosion prevention and sealing requirements, without the headache that can come with applying and putting these systems in place.

A Long History

For the best part of a century, DEKOTEC GmbH have made sure that quality, innovation, and forward thinking are at the forefront of their ideology and the products they provide.

The finest of the “Made in Germany” solutions out there means they are ahead of the pack, creating products fit for any corrosion prevention or sealing requirement.

Ventas have a rich history using these sealing and corrosion products because they are simply put, the best available.

Customers around the world can attest to the superiority of these systems and products, and the innovative sealants and corrosion preventative products are used across a wide range of industries for a wide range of purposes.

These include:






And many, many more.

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We’re confident you’ll find something that works perfectly for whatever it is you do, as we’ve had so many happy customers over the years.

In the unlikely event you can’t find what you need, or you’d like to discuss your requirements and which products will work best for you, you can also get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to help.