Sealing & Corrosion Specialists

DEKOTEC® corrosion prevention and sealing products are used successfully across the world as a solution for protecting weld seams in pipelines or joints in asphalt/concrete.

DEKOTEC® BUTYLEN®, PLASTELEN®, TOK® and LIQUITOL® systems are exceptionally high quality and are easy and quick to apply.

For almost a century, Dekotec GmbH have been providing high quality and forward-thinking “Made in Germany” solutions.  This is the promise they have been making to customers for all of their corrosion prevention products and innovative sealants for roads, railways, buildings, installations and pipelines.  In turn, this is our promise to you.

Sealing Protective Walls

Sealing Asphalt and Concrete

Oil Rig and Harbour Protection

Repair of Roads and Runways

Above Ground and Buried