Sealing asphalt and concrete

Ventas provide asphalt and concrete sealing services perfect for rolling traffic, busy footpaths, and roads.

There are multiple causes for damage to asphalt and concrete roads, and here at Ventas we’ve seen it all over the years.

Complications such as excessive use play a huge factor to damaging these kinds of areas, as well as destructive environmental influences that mean a constant requirement for upgrades and fixes.

This is problematic for a number of reasons, from the health and safety of users to costs to the government. They can take a toll on everybody, and are a drain on public finances.

Issues arise everywhere, from roads that are designed improperly, to footpaths and other groundworks with the same issues, but asphalt and concrete sealing solutions from Ventas can remedy the situation.

The weakest points in roads are the joints, seams and connections in asphalt and concrete. These are subject to intense pressure on a regular basis and if not properly maintained or properly installed in the first place, can lead to a whole host of issues.

  • Joints are spaces between two asphalt or concrete layers, or between their layers or components.
  • These layers or components include things such as kerbs, manhole covers etc and are a common weak point. Joints are either intentional or necessary for the working situation in question, depending on their use and purpose.
  • Another weak point in asphalt systems are seams.
    Seams are contact surfaces that are created when asphalt mix is laid in lanes. They are built alongside or near to breaks in the application of the asphalt (longitudinal or lateral seams).
  • And finally, connections.
    Connections are contact surfaces between different asphalt mix types such as rolled asphalt & poured asphalt. Connections can also be found around components, from near kerbs to plaster, and more.

It is crucial that premium products are used in the installation and maintenance of asphalt and concrete, in order to protect these weak points adequately and effectively. This is a common stumbling block for construction companies, but one that can be totally avoided with the correct systems and products that we supply.

By using high-quality systems and solutions from DEKOTEC® and other leading brands, asphalt and concrete roads can permanently and safely withstand the diverse loads they endure.

This means they can be used for a much longer period of time, almost indefinitely, without causing harm or issues to the public or those controlling the purse strings. TOK® products boast an incredibly long-service life; and are not only designed with the user in mind but are quick and simple to apply.

The range of asphalt sealing protection products we supply at Ventas include:

TOK®-Band SK

Perfect Joints and Seams

For decades, TOK® bitumen joint tapes have proven themselves as the ideal solution for joints and seams. The tapes possess exceptional stretching and adhesion properties and can be applied cold (self-adhesive), without burner or primer. This saves a significant amount of time and money.


Fast and Precise

The TOKOMAT® process is tried and tested, and uses a bitumen joint tape extruded on site to create a perfect asphalt or concrete sealing. This is particularly helpful around joints between new surface layers that can be prone to wear and damage with excess use. The TOKOMAT® process is twice as fast and significantly more precise than conventional hot pouring methods (known as “cutting and pouring”), making it a must-have for construction companies working with asphalt or in need of concrete sealing services.


Secure seams

Seams must be painted over with polymer-modified bitumen or a bitumen-based binding agent for sustained long-lasting security. TOK®-Plast does just this, and is a cold-processed, stable material made from polymer-improved bitumen. This makes it ideal as a permanent seam treatment and one of the most effective products on the planet to secure seams in asphalt. Using the PLASTOMAT®, developed specifically for this product, TOK®-Plast is easy and quick to apply and has long-lasting results.


Protection of sensitive joints

LIQUITOL®-VT is the ideal product to protect joints against the ingress of petrol and aircraft fuels, not to mention heating oil, diesel, unused oil, and inorganic lyes. LIQUITOL®-VT is solvent-free and ETA-certified, and can be successfully used in storage, filling and transport applications as well as in manufacture, treatment, and usage settings.

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