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We have years of experience serving businesses and industries around the world, and only supply the absolute best of the best when it comes to sealing and corrosion prevention solutions, products and sealing systems.

That’s why we supply DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip, because of its versatility, ease of application, and strong reputation within the industry.

Let’s explore what TOK®-Strip is, the advantages of using the product, and the industries and uses for it.

What is DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip?

DEKOTEC TOK®-strip is a highly effective plastic sealing solution for manhole components and sewage pipe systems.

It’s incredibly powerful and versatile and features one side adhesive. This is comprised of bitumen and butyl rubber-based plastics among other innovative components.

It is a self-adhesive seal for a wide variety of different structures and profiles consisting of concrete and features a wide range of benefits and advantages.

Advantages of DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip

There are numerous advantages of using the DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip for your industrial sealing and evening requirements. These include:

· Effectiveness and simplicity Not only is the DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip designed and manufactured to the highest standards of sealing, but it also features simple application. This makes it perfect for many uses due to the speed it can be applied and its long-lasting effects.

· Smooths Unevenness When you apply DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip, it acts to smooth unevenness when it comes to prefabricated components. This is a common problem within sewage systems and using the TOK®-Strip protects the concrete environment and seams.

· High Resistance It’s also extremely resistant, meaning it can handle wastewater, chemicals, and pretty much anything else it could be presented with during the course of its life.

· Strong Adhesion The DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip features a self-adhesive on one side of the material, giving it particularly powerful adhesion to concrete.

· Solvent-Free This means that even though they are of the highest quality, there is zero chance of harming the quality of the air or concrete the strip resides in.

They’re therefore great for the environment as well as the job at hand.

And that’s not all.

Due to the combination of butyl rubber, bitumen, and a variety of innovative and advanced components within the formula, the TOK®-Strip seal matches existing geometries and sticks extraordinarily well to the contact surfaces required for its usage. To find out all about the many benefits of using DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip, get in touch today.

Industries and Uses of DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip

DEKOTEC TOK®-Strips are used for all kinds of different works and are commonly used around the world in sewers and for manhole sealing. They’re used to strengthen weak points within sewer systems, and they safeguard functionality, primarily for concrete shafts.

Within these shaft components, connection points are often uneven which can be complex when it comes to cohesion. The seal therefore needs to be completely reliable to ensure that there are no issues regarding the shafts.

The unique composition of TOK®-Strip is ideal for these challenges due to the combination of materials used.

The DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip can also be worked from -15 degrees Celsius which is +5 Fahrenheit to +40 degrees Celsius which is +104 Fahrenheit. It features simple workability and is simple to apply, providing the best of both worlds in terms of simplicity and versatility.

DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip Ordering and Packaging

The TOK-®Strips themselves are delivered rolled up and packed in boxes for ease of access for deliveries. You can buy packages of DEKOTEC TOK®-Strip in the dimensions of 20mm x 20mm, 25mm x 25mm, 30mm x 30mm, 12mm x 60mm and 12mm x 80mm. TOK®-SK Primer can also be supplied but is not entirely necessary.

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