Oil Rig & Harbour

System solutions for the most extreme conditions

The risk of corrosion is at its highest around harbours, piers, jetty piles and offshore systems: Materials come under attack from permanent exposure to salt water, exceptionally high humidity, condensation and air pollution caused by ships, and these areas fall into the highest category for corrosion.

These materials are frequently subjected to significant mechanical loads as well.  Our reliable protection systems are specifically designed to cope with these challenging conditions.


Perfect Joints and Seams

For decades, TOK® bitumen joint tapes have proven themselves as the ideal solution for joints and seams. The tapes possess exceptional stretching and adhesion properties and can be applied cold (self-adhesive), without burner or primer, which saves a significant amount of time and money.


Effective protection for wet surfaces

Steel pipes and fittings that are wet (for example due to the formation of a condensate film on their surface) can be protected using the innovative corrosion prevention system VivaxCoat®, which is applied directly to the surface. The high costs for pipeline interruptions or long waiting times for processing the coating work can be prevented by using VivaxCoat®. 


Solid Foundation

LIQUITOL®-SU can reliably protect the foundations and fixings of bollards, which are subject to strong mechanical and corrosive loads and also reliably protects the foundations and fixtures of bollards and gate valves


Protection for prestressed anchors and prestressed braids

Cavities in prestressed anchor systems and prestressed braids can be filled reliably using the permanent plastic and meltable corrosion protection mastic PLASTELEN®-Jet.