Bitumen and butyl rubber-based plastic and self-adhesive seal for manhole components and special profiles made of concrete.

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TOKSTRIP® is a plastic seal for manhole components and special profiles made of concrete. Thanks to the combination of bitumen, butyl rubber and other innovative components, as well as the self-adhesive, one-sided coating, the seal profile fits to the existing geometries, compensates for any unevenness in the component and adheres very well to the contact surfaces.

  • Highly effective sealing and simple application.
  • Effectively smoothens out unevenness on prefabricated components.
  • High resistance to waste water and chemicals.
  • Self-adhesive on one side – very good adhesion to concrete.
  • Solvent-free.

For decades, TOK®-Strip has been used successfully across the world for sewer and manhole sealing.

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