TOK®Crete 45 V2.0


High early strength repair compound for rehabilitation of concrete surfaces or highly loaded industrial floors.

20kg bucket / £12 per kilo

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  • TOK®-Crete 45 is a single-component, hydraulically setting mortar.
  • Along with its high early strength, TOK®-Crete 45 has a very good resistance to freeze and thaw loading with and without de-icing agents
  • At +20°C (+68°F), the surface can be reopened to traffic just 45 minutes after application.
  • All-weather application.
  • Tested at temperatures from -10°C to +30°C (+14°F to +86°F).
  • Surface can be subjected to loads again 45 minutes after application.
  • Ideal for repairing edge damage and holes.
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate.

TOK®-Crete 45 is used to repair road surfaces and runways. TOK®-Crete 45 can also be used at low temperatures and on wet surfaces. A specialist report has been published summarising the excellent experiences with and results of this product

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