Styrofoam ball-containing petrolatum-based mastic filler for filling cavities and smoothing uneven surfaces for subsequent coverage with a PLASTELEN® petrolatum tape.

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  • PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic is a petrolatum-based mastic filler for filling cavities and smoothing uneven surfaces on buried pipeline components (e.g. flanges and fittings). Thanks to its styrofoam ball content, PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic is easier to process at low temperatures than traditional petrolatum mastic fillers.
  • PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic offers outstanding formability and permits the easy filling of cavities.
  • Outstanding mouldability and modelling properties.
  • Easiest manual processing.
  • High stability.
  • Durable corrosion prevention thanks to petrolatum.
  • Compatible with all PLASTELEN® petrolatum tapes.

PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic is ideal for pipeline construction and in power station and pipeline station construction. The innovative formula of PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic, used in conjunction with any PLASTELEN® petrolatum tape, makes maintenance easier and forms a high-quality corrosion prevention system on fittings and flange connections. Whether it’s used in gas stations in Israel or on fire extinguishing lines in Peru, PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic reliably fulfils all requirements.

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