Plastelen® Tape ST


PLASTELEN® Tape is a form of multifunctional petrolatum tape used for reliable corrosion prevention and various other sealing requirements. This is a unique product and features optimised surface wetting and simple application, particularly in cold areas. It’s therefore ideal for a variety of different purposes and functions, and is extremely cost effective as a strong corrosion prevention system.

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PLASTELEN®-Tape ST consists of a resistant polypropylene fleece and an anti-corrosion compound based on petrolatum, which is malleable even at low temperatures and ensures optimum surface wetting combined with simple application.

To protect the user applying the tape and the environment, PLASTELEN®-Tape ST is – like all PLASTELEN® petrolatum-based tapes and mastics – solvent and odour-free. Its outstanding price/quality ratio also sets it apart.

PLASTELEN® Tape can be used for a number of corrosion prevention tape requirements and comes with the following advantages.

  • It is a petrolatum tape, making it malleable and easy to use even at low temperatures. It has optimal surface wetting characteristics and is designed for temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) to +50°C (+122°F).
  • The solvent and odour-free nature of the corrosion prevention tape means that the user and environment are safe and protected.
  • It is extremely versatile, flexible, and adaptable. This is even the case at low temperatures which is a welcomed feature for this kind of product.
  • Strong adhesion to mechanical PE or PVC protective tapes adds to the versatility of the corrosion prevention tape and helps make it one of the finest products of its kind on the market.
  • It features extremely efficient resistance to acids, salts, and even alkaline substances. This gives you the freedom of application knowing that the product will stand the test of time and any substance you can throw at it. It makes it hard-wearing and reliable, as well as more sustainable than many of its counterparts.
  • It’s also cost-effective, offering outstanding value for money. This means you get all of the above along with the ability to be used for a wide range of applications, at a price you can afford.

All of this and more makes PLASTELEN®-Tape ST the ideal solution for corrosion preventative requirements.

You can find out more about the many applications for this corrosion prevention tape, as well as any other information on all of the incredibly high-quality products and systems we provide, by getting in touch with our team of experts today.

PLASTELEN®-Tape ST is ideally suited in the covering metallic components, fittings, flanges, pipes, and pipe components of any and all sizes. Generally speaking, this kind of work is carried out within the field of pipelines, power stations, and with pipeline station constructions. This is due to the long-life of the product and powerful hold it provides on these kinds of surfaces.

The development of the product is a result of almost 100 years of experience excelling in the trade, particularly when it comes to petrolatum tape. With technically trend-setting products forming part of the brand ethos, DEKOTEC have been developing and improving on petrolatum tape for a century, having established the first product in the world for passive corrosion prevention of pipelines in the 1920s.

This means that all DEKOTEC products, including the PLASTELEN® Tape, are of the highest quality standards. Continuous research is carried out alongside intense development and production to ensure safe and individual solutions are met, tailored around the needs of customers to create the best possible products.

The outstanding performance and cost-effectiveness of PLASTELEN®-Tape ST results in a unique, powerful product that offers extremely good value for money. Thanks to its special design, an additional high impact resistance and tight encasement can be established for any and all metallic surfaces or pipeline requirements.

The product can be used in conjunction with PLASTELEN® petrolatum mastics, which are available to use for a wide range of applications and systems. PLASTELEN® Tape can be wrapped with 50% overlap around a surface pretreated with PLASTELEN® Mastic.

Further DEKOTEC products such as DEKOTEC BUTYLEN tapes or DEPROTEC DRM PP protective rock shields can also be applied. This is in order to provide additional mechanical protection and ensure safety and reliability over a longer period of time.

The products work perfectly in sync due to the special design of the tape, making it combine perfectly with mechanical protective tape to deliver high impact resistance as well as a sealed casing for your requirements.

To find out more about the unique qualities of PLASTELEN® Tape, get in touch with our experts. We’re happy to discuss any of the products we provide regarding suitability for your industry or application.

We’ve got many years’ worth of experience providing a wide range of corrosion prevention and sealing products and systems and have the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance regarding any and all of our products.

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